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Many men, these days are turning more and more to plastic surgery procedures to make their appearance and image more attractive so they can feel more secure and presentable in their jobs, with their significant other and probably also at the beach to show how great they look. It is said, “If you look good, you feel good”. Each man have special challenges and characteristics in which these are different from women, even among other men mostly because of these reasons, men are turning to plastic surgery procedures according exclusively to their own body . We understand and embrace this necessity; mainly this is why it has become one of our specialties here at Campos Leon Plastic Surgery Center. We will understand your manly point of view and we will do our best in order to provide excellent results, even when that procedure is non-invasive. This really makes a difference in self-confidence.

Today’s man are very high interested in being healthier, stay in shape, keep a good healthy balanced diet, practice sports and even try out cosmetics to look younger and feel better.


The following procedures are available in our facility offering men those possibilities:


· Jowl enhancement
· Chin implantation
· Vaser Abdominal etching Liposuction
· Gynecosmastia
· Rhinoplasty
· Blepharoplasty
· Face and neck lift
· Abdominal Dermo lipectomy
· Buttocks fat grafting
· Pectoral implantation
· Laser treatments, Botox and fillers


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our qualified staff. Always keep in mind that we are very discrete; everyday life has less prejudice that once prevented men from working on these types of aspects and improve their appearance.


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Generally, anyone in average physical condition or good health can be a candidate for surgery.


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